Wijlen Wij

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Country: Belgium
Labels: Aesthetic Death Records
Solitude Productions

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Formed in: 2002
Disbanded in: 2014

2002-2014 Funeral doom metal
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2002-2014  Kostas Panagiotou - guitars, keyboards, vocals
2007-2014  Lawrence Van Haecke - bass
2007-2014  Kris Villez - drums
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2004-2012  Stijn Van Cauter [ MS user ] - bass, guitars, vocals
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Right from the get-go Wijlen Wij plunge their listener into the murky depths.

"Boreas" opens powerfully with subhuman vocals and organ cloaked power chords that sound is if recorded by an 8 track in some massive subterranean cave. Rather than...   Review by BitterCOld ››

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