Suicide Silence


2002-  Christopher Garza - guitars
2005-  Mark Heylmun - guitars
2006-  Alex Lopez - drums
2008-  Daniel "Dan" Kenny - bass
2013-  Eddie Hermida - vocals
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2002  Tanner Womack - vocals
2002-2005  Rick Ash - guitars
2002-2006  Josh Goddard - drums
2002-2008  Mike Bodkins - bass
2002-2012  Mitch Lucker - vocals
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2012  Cameron Argon - vocals
2007  Nate Johnson - vocals
2011  Jonathan Davis - vocals
2011  Frank Mullen - vocals
2011  Alexia Rodriguez - vocals
2014  George Fisher - vocals
2014  Greg Puciato - vocals

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I have to give Suicide Silence credit. After the death of Mitch Lucker almost 2 years ago in late 2012, they picked up the pieces and put out another album. It's not always easy to keep on truckin' after a tragedy like that, so they get some respect from me in that sense. There's even more than that, though. You Can't Stop Me is not too shabby an album.   Review by Mattybu ››
...Time for another big can of worms to be opened up. Here's another album which, regardless of how you approach it in your review, someone is going to completely lose their shit on you for either being too harsh, or not being harsh enough. A lot of people seem to hate Suicide Silence. Well, while I certainly don't understand the intense animosity people express towards this band, I don't exactly understand the attraction either.   Review by Doc G. ››

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