2001-  Matteo Buti - guitar
2001-2007  Federico Fulceri - bass
› 2008-  -//-
2003-  Fabrizio "Zula" Ferzola - vocals
2008-  Francesco Micieli - drums
2008-  Elia Murgia - guitar
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2001-2003  David Corti - vocals
2001-2008  Marco Masini - drums
2001-2008  Jacopo Mattii - guitar
2007-2008  Max Fabién Marangio - bass
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With their straight forward death-thrash, delivered flawlessly and without getting boring halfway through the album, those Italians took no prisoners when recording the follow-up to their 2009 debut Profondo Rozzo. And while said debut was, and I am quoting here from our review of it: "a ponderous death metal album with a few thrash influences at best" their newest release, while still somewhat death metal, has way more thrash licks in it.   Review by D.T. Metal ››

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