The Chasm

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Country: Mexico
Label: Earache Records
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Formed in: 1993

1993- Death metal


1993-  Daniel Corchado - guitar, vocals
1993-  Antonio Leon - drums
2019-  Scott Wright - bass
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1992-1993  Erick Diaz - guitars
› 1995-1997  -//-
1992-1994  Luis Martinez - bass
1994  Rodolfo Riveron - bass
1994  Luis Antonio Ramos - guitars
1999  Roberto Valle - bass
1999-2003  Julio Viterbo - guitars
› 2003-2015  -//- guitars, bass
2000-2003  Alfonso Polo - bass
2018-2019  Tim Pearson - bass
2018-2019  Jonas Torres - guitars
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There are many Death Metal bands out there in the metal scene, actually thousands, but few have managed to survive throughout the years of hybrids, changes, shitty music, etc. and even less bands are now known as "One of THE BEST" in their genre....   Review by Herzebeth ››
This could be easily the most powerful The Chasm release, even though this is only an EP not a Full-Length. The music from "The Chasm" has many melodic Patterns and a lot of mellow structures, it seems this time they forgot about that a little...   Review by Herzebeth ››

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