Sons Of Aeon

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Country: Finland
Label: Lifeforce Records
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Formed in: 2009

2010- Melodic death metal


2010-  Pasi Pasanen - drums
2010-  Tony Kaikkonen - vocals
2010-  Tapio Vartiainen - guitar
2010-  Wille Naukkarinen - guitar
2010-  Tommi Kiviniemi - bass

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As I'm sure you're well aware lighthouses are constructed for a particular purpose. Above all they serve as beacons for maritime transportation and are used to safely guide ships into port. They also have a characteristic shape and structure and while many may have their own variances in appearance they are all designed in a similar way to fulfill that particular purpose. Finnish melodic death architects Sons Of Aeon have designed themselves a debut album as sturdy as a lighthouse which meets its own purpose in guiding the listener to the shores of melodic and riff induced euphoria.   Review by R'Vannith ››


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