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1989-  Angelica - voices, synthesizers, drums, electrobagpipes, programming, electroviolin, v
1989-  Daos - bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, flute
1989-  Lolita - voices, visual arts, fireworks, dance
1989-  Oxy - flute, visual arts, cyberdance, noises
1989-  Crazy - visual arts, dance, noises, horeography
1989-  Lord Seth - vocals, guitars, programming
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NA  Malvina - visual arts, dance
NA  Vyacheslav Levin - drums
NA  Demogorgon - drums
NA  Vampirella - flute
NA  Orm - flute
NA  Hamlet - violin
NA  Morana - violin, keyboards, vocals
NA  Soul - vocals
NA  Golod - visual arts, dance, choreography
NA  Ashter - visual arts
NA  Leprosy - bass
NA  Alexy Karpin - bass
NA  Orc - bass
NA  Raven - bass
NA  Usurplague - bass
NA  Orius - bass
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2012-  Egor Demidov - drums


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