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Sun Devoured Earth

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Also known as Fuscia ('09)

Country: Latvia
Labels: Handmade Birds Records
Rigorism Production

Links: Bandcamp
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Formed in: 2009

2009- Atmospheric black metal
2009- Post-Rock
2009- Shoegaze


2009-  Vadim Vasilyev - all instruments, vocals

Latest reviews

Sun Devoured Earth is a small apocalypse to me this year, the more I dwell inside those sound corridors, the more I understand. Of course no-one can even get close to how the artist feels or what he has to say. What you can achieve as a listener is to...   Review by DerRozzengarten ››
Some say art can ease the burden of the artist. Well, Vadim Vasilyev's pain must be so immense he simply can't stop unleashing albums and/or EPs! Apathy And Hopelessness, the title says it all and the black & white horrid and devastating cover...   Review by DerRozzengarten ››

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