All Else Fails

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Country: Canada
Label: Suicidal Bride Records

Links: Myspace

Formed in: 2006

2006- Rock


2006-  Barrett Klesko - vocals,guitars,programming
2006-  Seedy Mitchell - bass,vocals
2006-  Mike Sands - guitars
2006-  Tom Wolf - drums

Latest reviews

Damn, I pretty much had an entire review written up based off the first couple of tracks. For those of you not present to hear my ever-so-witty monologues muttered to myself in front of the keyboard, I was basically going off on how this band frequently sounds like some whack-ass As I Lay Dying clone...

...Then some good things happened in the music and my review got ruined. There goes 3 dozen perfectly good jokes that could have been applied to a name like "All Else Fails".   Review by Doc Godin ››


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