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Also known as Dark Torre (2005-2007)

Country: Belgium
Labels: Consouling Sounds
Babylon Doom Cult Records
At War With False Noise

Formed in: 2005

2005- Black metal
2005- Sludge metal
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2005-  Nieke - drums
2005-  Rik Martens - guitars
2005-  Pede - vocals
2008-  Steven Van Cauwenbergh - bass

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Back in 1992, Darkthrone released the first part of a trilogy of legendary albums, A Blaze In The Northern Sky. It was notorious for its riffs that recalled their past as a death metal band yet played in full black metal fashion. Now, 20 years later, one band decides to take this teaching and use it for its own depraved purposes. Beware folks, things are about to get nasty.   Review by Mr. Doctor ››

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