Abigail (JPN)

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Country: Japan

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Formed in: 1992

  Blackened thrash metal


1992-  Yasuyuki Suzuki - vocals, guitars, bass
1992-  Youhei - drums
NA-  Shinichi Ishikawa - guitars
NA-  Noburo "Jero" Sakuma - guitars
NA  Joel Grind - vocals, guitar
2003  Mirai Kawashima - organ, vocals


1993 Descending From A Blackend Sky [EP] 9
1995 Screaming For Grace / Abigail [Split] [EP]
1996 Confound Eternal [EP] 8
2001 Welcome All Hell Fuckers [EP] 8
2002 Witchburner / Abigail [Split] [EP]
2002 Sexual Metal Holocaust [Split] [EP]
2003 Kamikaze Splitting Roar [Split] [EP]
2003 Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers [Split] [EP]
2004 Evilized Japan [Split] [EP]
2005 Hexenkreis / Live In Germany 2004 [Split] [EP]
2005 Eastern Force Of Evil: Abigail's Tribute To Sigh [EP]
2006 Satan's Revenge Live!!! [Split] [EP]
2006 Tribute To Acid [Split] [EP]
2006 Morbid Upheaval / Abigail [Split] [EP]
2007 Apocalyptic Ningtmare Continues [Split] [EP]
2007 A Celtic / Japanese Alliance [Split] [EP]
2007 Abigail's Tribute To NME [EP]
2007 Far East Necromancers [Split] [EP]
2007 Street War Metal Kommand [Split] [EP]
2007 Speed Metal Motherfuckers [Split] [EP]
2008 Street Metal Alcoholocaust [Split] [EP]
2008 The Eastern Desekratorz [Split] [EP]
2008 Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters [Split] [EP]
2008 Apocalyptic Necroholocaust [Split] [EP]
2009 Syphilitic Vaginas / Abigail [Split] [EP]
2009 Raw Black Thrashing Madness [Split] [EP]
2009 Satan Plays Speed Metal [Split] [EP]
2010 Nuke 'N' Puke [Split] [EP]
2010 Russo-Japanese Metal War [Split] [EP]
2010 Farewell To Metal Slut [Split] [EP] 7
2010 United Alkoholic Speed War Metal [Split] [EP]
2010 Pictavian Samurais [Split] [EP]
2010 Tribute To Gorgon [EP]
2011 Reaper's Night [EP]
2011 Camlann / Retaliation / Abigail [Split] [EP]
2011 Drink Beer. Listen Hell Metal! [Split] [EP]
2011 Fucking Satan [Split] [EP]
2011 United Metal Massacre [Split] [EP]
2011 Tribute To Gorgon Part 2 [EP]
2011 Hellbastards Of The Underground [Split] [EP] 9
2012 Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos [Split] [EP]
2012 Blasphemous Live Fornication [Split] [EP]
2013 Abigail / Hell's Bomber [Split] [EP]
2013 Axis Of Evil [Split] [EP]
2013 Abigail / Lucifer's Sanctuary [Split] [EP]
2013 Tribute To Gorgon Part 3 [EP]
2014 Black Mass Prayer [EP]
2014 Legion Of The Underworld [Split] [EP]
2014 We Are Ugly Motherfuckers... Fuck You!!! [Split] [EP]
2015 Abigail / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium [Split] [EP]
2015 Bloody Your Lovely Pussy! [Split] [EP]
2016 Satan, Bitches & Rock 'n' Roll [Split] [EP]
2016 Sacrilegious Fornication Masscare... Filthy Desekrators! [Split] [EP]
2016 Too Wild For The Crowd [Split] [EP]
2017 Abigail / Vuil [Split] [EP] 7


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