Face Off

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Also known as FO, FaceOff

Country: Serbia
Label: Maple Metal Records

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Formed in: 2006

2006- Alternative metal
2006- Post-metal
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2006-  Marija Kovacevic - vocals
2006-  Stefan Vitasovic - guitars
2011-  Stanislav Stanojevic - bass
2013-  Aleksandar Djordjic - guitars
2013-  Zoltan Simon - drums
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2006-NA  Miroslav Veselinovic - guitars
2006-NA  Milos Branisavljevic - drums
2006-NA  Danilo Svorcan - bass
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Musical talent can come from anywhere. So, why is it that if we hear a great new band and they happen to be from Sweden or Canada or France or something we don't bat an eyelash - but if they come from somewhere like Serbia we get all "wow!" about it? I don't know about you but I totally do this. Countries that give us significantly fewer metal bands just have a certain special appeal.

But, in the end, their music is judged (by our ears) on the same level as everyone else.   Review by Susan ››

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