2008-  Elias Ryen-Rafstedt - drums
2008-  Staffan Birkedal - guitars
2008-  Rikard Bonander - guitars
2008-  Pontus Wicklander - bass
2012-  Simon Tarasewicz - vocals
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2008-NA  Carl Yngvesson - vocals
2010-2012  Tobias Sandin - vocals
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You might know Deathember from Metal Storm's Clandestine Cuts where their debut EP A Thousand Flatlines was featured. The band has grown up musically and released their first full-length album. Going Postal even boasts illustrious guests such as vocalist Daniel Ädel (Vildhjarta) and guitarist Ralph Santolla (Deicide, Obituary, Iced Earth).   Review by BloodTears ››

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