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Also known as Aenimus

Country: USA
Label: Unsigned

Links: Official website
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Formed in: 2010

2010- Technical death metal
2010- Deathcore
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2010-  Matt Wills - vocals
2010-  Sean Swafford - guitars
2010-  Miles Dimitri Baker - guitars
2010-  Seth Stephens - bass
2010-  Justin Tvetan - drums

Latest reviews

This kind of pretentious, ultra-technical metal that toes the line between tech death and deathcore seems to have become popular in recent years. The style has proliferated into a myriad of philosophical forays backed by breakdowns, with Ænimus being one of the latest to exercise this blueprint. True to form, Transcend Reality is awash with ludicrous complexity, but not so much as to rob it of originality or purpose.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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