Dust Bolt


2006-  Lenny Breuss - vocals, guitars
2006-  Flo Dehn - guitars
2006-  Nicolas "Nico" Remann - drums
2006-  Benedikt "Bene" Münzel - bass

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Some days it seems like thrash is one of the only metal subgenres that refuses to get a grip and evolve, but even in an era of edentulous epigones of Exodus, amidst a surfeit of sweatily-shouted shibboleths swiped from Slayer, bands like Dust Bolt arrive to issue reminders that thrash can still be fun and brash without being self-parodic and obnoxious.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››


14.02.2020 NED, Eindhoven
15.02.2020 GBR, London
16.02.2020 BEL, Hasselt
17.02.2020 GER, Nürnberg
18.02.2020 GER, Munich
19.02.2020 HUN, Budapest (2)
20.02.2020 CZE, Ostrava
21.02.2020 AUT, Vienna
22.02.2020 ITA, Milan
23.02.2020 SUI, Aarau
24.02.2020 GER, Saarbrücken
25.02.2020 GER, Braunschweig
26.02.2020 GER, Oberhausen
27.02.2020 GER, Hamburg
28.02.2020 GER, Berlin
29.02.2020 GER, Chemnitz

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