Country: Chile
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 2003

2003- Black metal
2003- Death metal
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2003-  K'hmal Jauke - bass
2003-  Sinn Hayek - drums
2005-  Ma'hai Jippen - guitars
2008-  Oblimink - guitars
2011-  Gorrge - vocals
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2008-2010  Mortal Sorceress - vocals
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Sometimes logistics can be both a bitch and a blessing. Siaskel was formed way back in 2003 and the recordings for their debut were already done by 2011, and now it has finally been released. Just in the same way, I've been listening to this black/death mix for quite a while already and only now do I feel compelled to write about them. Both waits seem to have given positive results.   Review by Mr. Doctor ››

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