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Country: USA
Labels: Prosthetic Records
Profound Lore Records

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Formed in: 2012

2012- Atmospheric black metal
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2012-  Isaac Faulk - drums
2012-  Shane McCarthy - guitars, vocals
2016-  Joey Truscelli - guitars
› 2016  -//- bass
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2012-2016  Tanner Rezabek - guitars, vocals
2012-2016  James Hansen - bass
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2015  Joey Truscelli - bass
2016-  Drew McCutcheon - bass

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Children Of The Iron Age brings chill like a winter dusk. Some songs will have you shivering violently while the howling winds burn your face; others bring you inside, sit you in front of the fire, and let you observe the snow beautifully falling on the...   Review by Susan ››

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