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2008-  Łukasz Kursa - guitars
2014-  K-vass - vocals
2017-  Maciek Kosarz - guitars
2017-  Kamil Gębala - drums
2017-  Łukasz Tomiczek - bass
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2008-2017  Marcel Łękawa - drums
2009-2017  Damian Olearczyk - bass
2011-2015  Maciej Proficz - vocals
2012-2016  Kuba Piwowarczyk - guitars
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Right under our noses there is a post-metal revolution happening in the eastern European countries. It seems Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Poland have joined the party late and fallen in love with this genre, because now, more than ever, most of my highly rated post-metal albums have come from those places. Adding to this trend are Poland's Moanaa and their debut LP Descent. Using a "typical" post-metal format, Descent isn't musically ground breaking but a laudable example of what fans of this scene should want and expect.   Review by tea[m]ster ››

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