Chris Goss

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1998- Queens Of The Stone Age - bass, keyboards, vocals, percussion  

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Chris Goss is an American record producer and musician.

As well as being the founding (and only constant) member of influential desert rock outfit Masters of Reality, Goss is also well known for his production work on albums by Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. Largely credited as the Godfather of desert rock, Goss has on several occasions played down the importance of his role in this musical movement. In 1999 he stated, "I can't make any claim at all to inventing desert rock, or stoner rock, or whatever you want to call it. I make rock 'n' roll records, and hopefully try to make the listener feel like I did when I heard my favourite music."

In 2004, Goss highlighted exactly what kind of music he created: "There's a bunch of weirdos that I work with all the time, and we make what I call 'out of wack' Rock records. That's what I do. When people want an 'out of wack' weird Rock record, they call me, and I take an 'out of wack' amount of money to do it, and I'm glad to be there. It's cool."

In late 2004, Chris Goss had to be hospitalized due to severe internal infection and the European leg of his tour in support of the new Masters of Reality album 'Give Us Barabbas' had to be postponed indefinitely. After his recuperation, he joined Jeordie White and Zach Hill to release 'I Got a Brand New Egg Layin' Machine', a "mini LP" released under the moniker Goon Moon.

Goss appeared with long-time friend Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age as "The 5:15ers" at the "winter edition" of ArthurFest, performing an intimate set which was "crafted in less than a month as the duo was a rather late addition to the Arthurball line-up as Sunday's headliner". He also joined Queens of the Stone Age and Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top) to perform "Burn the Witch" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He co-produced with Homme as "The Fififf Teeners" on QotSA's 2007 album 'Era Vulgaris' (similarly to 2000's 'Rated R'). Continuing with Goon Moon, Goss, White and Hill released a full length album in May 2007 entitled 'Licker's Last Leg' containing many guest artists synonymous with the desert rock scene.
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