Dino Cazares


1989-2002 Fear Factory - guitars  
1989-2005 Brujeria - guitar (as Asesino)  
2002- Asesino - guitars (as El Asesino)  
2005- Divine Heresy - guitars  
2009- Fear Factory - guitars  

Studio musician

1994 Nailbomb - guitars  

Guest musician

1998 Soulfly - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Asesino
Born on: 02.09.1967

Dino Cazares, born in El Centro, California, is a Mexican-American musician and the guitarist for Los Angeles-based industrial metal group Fear Factory. He also plays in the metal bands Divine Heresy and Asesino.

Cazares was born in El Centro, California. Cazares met drummer Raymond Herrera and then Cazares formed Fear Factory in 1989 under the name Ulceration. However, it was renamed to their current name Fear Factory in the following year. The band's first album, Soul of a New Machine, was dedicated to Cazares' mother, Natividad, and older brother, Joey. Before joining Fear Factory, Cazares was in the grindcore band Excruciating Terror. The Mexican death/grind side-project Brujeria formed later on with members of Faith No More, Fear Factory, and others.

When Fear Factory split up (temporarily) in 2002, Cazares returned to Brujeria, and released what was supposed to be the first of 13 Demoniaco Brujeria records (one for each member of Brujeria). Asesino featured Static-X bassist Tony Campos on bass and vocals, and Raymond Herrera on drums. Fear Factory reformed later that year without Cazares and with bassist Christian Olde Wolbers becoming the new guitarist for the band.

In 2005, Cazares was chosen as a team captain by Roadrunner A&R Monte Conner for the Roadrunner United album for which he wrote 4 songs and contributed with other Roadrunner Records artists.

Dino is now busy with his group Divine Heresy which he has signed to Roadrunner Records and Century Media Records. He is joined by Tim Yeung (All That Remains, Hate Eternal, Nile, Vital Remains) on drums, Joe Payne on bass and had included newcomer Tommy Vext on vocals until he left the band due to issues with Dino in April 2008. Jake Veredika, formerly of the Washington DC band Periphery, has been hired as the singer for their tour with Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, and Firewind. Divine Heresy now have Travis Neil on vocals The band's debut "Bleed The Fifth" was released on August 27 (Europe) and August 28 (USA). "Bleed The Fifth" was produced by Dirty Icon and Lucas Banker. The cover art has been developed by Joachim Luetke (Manson, Sopor Aeternus, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy). According to Metal Maniacs, during a recent live show he described Divine Heresy as "similar to Fear Factory" but that it "isn't just as good as Fear Factory".

Divine Heresy's second album Bringer of Plagues was released on the 28th of July 2009 and was the first to feature Travis Neil on vocals.