Dave Culross


NA- Pyrexia - drums  
NA- Gorgasm - drums  
NA- Disgorged - drums  
NA- HatePlow - drums  
1995 Malevolent Creation - drums  
1996-2014 Suffocation - drums  
1998-2001 Malevolent Creation - drums  
2000 Incantation - drums  
2003-2004 Malevolent Creation - drums  
2007-2008 Malevolent Creation - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 09.03.1974

Dave Culross, born March 9, 1974, is an American drummer. Currently a member of Malevolent Creation, Culross has played drums in many death metal bands, such as Suffocation, Mortician, Incantation, Hate Plow, Gorgasm and Disgorged. Culross will be playing on the forthcoming second album by Disincarnate.