Neil Jameson


1995- Krieg - all instruments, vocals (as N. Jameson)  
1999-2004 Weltmacht - vocals  
2004- N.I.L. - bass, drums, guitars, singing bowl, vocals  
2004-2014 Twilight - bass, vocals  
2005 Nachtmystium - bass  
2008- Hidden - vocals  
2009- The Royal Arch Blaspheme - vocals  
2011- Lithotome - vocals  

Studio musician

2005 Nachtmystium - bass  

Live musician

1999-2000 Judas Iscariot - bass  
2004 Loss - vocals  
2007 Kult Ov Azazel - vocals (as Imperial)  
2014- Esoterica - vocals  

Guest musician

2011 Caïna - vocals  
2015 Abigail Williams - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Imperial
Neill Jameson is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, hailing from Somers Point, N.J. (U.S.), who has recorded and performed under the pseudonym "N. Imperial" (also "Lord Imperial" or simply "Imperial"). He has gained most recognition as the front-man for the now defunct black metal band Krieg (1995-2006). Presently he is active in the ambient black/doom metal duo N.I.L. (with J. Marcheski), and the ambient doom/death metal outfit March into the Sea (also with J. Marcheski, as well as M. Roscovich and J. Garson).

Over the course of an impressive resume, Jameson has performed and/or recorded with other black metal acts such as Judas Iscariot (1999-2000), Nachtmystium (2005), Twilight (2005-present) and Weltmacht (1999-2004), as well as underground bands such as Bael, Demonic Christ, Devotee, Hidden, and (his homonymous) Imperial.