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Mikael Zell


1996-2012 Wolverine - guitars  

Personal information

At an early age Mikael got interested in different instruments like the violin and the guitar for example. He took some lessons when he was around ten years old but soon found himself captured in the magic world of NINTENDO... Therefore Nintendo-games and some other stuff took all his time and his interest in music vanished completely. When he had turned 16, Mikael moved to Söderhamn and there he met new friends, all involved in music in some way. He then finally re-discovered his interest in the guitar and started to practice quite a lot. He also began studying music and theater at a school where he spent three years of his life. Later on he attended one year at the Rock Academy to study some more music.

The first band Mikael played with as a "real" member was Wolverine. He started out with the band in 1996. Obviously he still plays there. During the time with Wolverine he has also been playing with other prog-bands and various kinds of cover-bands.