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Jeremy Bézier


1998- Emptiness - bass, vocals (as Phorgath)  
2007- Enthroned - bass, backing vocals (as Phorgath)  

Studio musician

2010 Yhdarl - bass, vocals (as Phorgath)  

Personal information

Also known as: Phorgath
Jeremy "Phorgath" Bézier is co-founder and owner of Blackout Multimedia Studio (BMM). BMM is both an underground recording studio (Enthroned, Emptiness, Adustum, Excavated, etc.) as well as an art/graphic design studio (Enthroned, Emptiness, Excavated, etc.). Jeremy "Phorgath" Bézier is responsible for the recording studio element. Enthroned/Emptiness co-member Olivier "Nerath Daemon" Lomer is the other co-founder and owner of BMM, and is responsible for the art/graphical side of the studio. The business has grown since, with more services offered, such as event organization, video recording and production, and has been renamed "Blackout Studio".

Blackout Multimedia Studio website :