1998- Emptiness - bass, vocals (as Phorgath)  
2007- Enthroned - bass, backing vocals (as Phorgath)  
Studio musician:
2010 Yhdarl - bass, vocals (as Phorgath)  

Personal information

Also known as: Phorgath
Jeremy "Phorgath" Bézier is co-founded and owner of Blackout Multimedia Studio (BMM). BMM is both an underground recording studio (Enthroned, Emptiness, Adustum, Excavated, etc.) as well as an art/graphic design studio (Enthroned, Emptiness, Excavated, etc.). Jeremy "Phorgath" Bézier is responsible for the recording studio element. Enthroned/Emptiness co-member Olivier "Nerath Daemon" Lomer is the other co-founder and owner of BMM, and is responsible for the art/graphical side of the studio.

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