Gaël Féret


2002- Misanthrope - drums  
2003-2005 Lyzanxia - drums  
2005- Korum - drums  
2006-2007 Balrog - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 08.11.1980
Official website

Born on the 8th November 1980.
Start playing drums at the age of 6 as a self-taught person during 2 years. Start studying all kind of drumming styles with a teacher until the age of 17.
Spend one year studying Musicology in Nice in a Faculty and then decides to go to Nancy for one year of study to perfect his drumming in Music Academy International. He finishes first in his promotion in march 2001.
Joins Misanthrope in April 2001 (18 years of existence and elected as the best French extreme metal band by the readers of Hard N Heavy in 2000) then start touring in France for about fifteen gigs as a headliner.
In 2002 he joins No Return for a European tour with Nile and Sinister as a live session drummer and assimilates their live set in 2 days and 4 rehearsals.
Replaces Dirk Verbeuren temporarily in Headline for a few gigs in France and other countries and plays on a studio track for a Deep Purple Tribute Album.
Records the Mylidian album 'Birth Of The Prophet' in 3 days as a session drummer. Replaces Dirk Verbeuren in Lyzanxia and after two video clips for their second album, goes for a 28 gigs tour in the USA in 2004.
Has already recorded 3 albums and 2 DVDs with Misanthrope, several tours in France and other countries such as Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia…
Also recorded 2 albums with Triple FX (instrumental trio mixing different musical styles such as Progressive, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Metal and Rock. There are no musical barriers of any kind for this band). He records the first one in one day and a half. The second one is gonna be released at the end of 2007.
Also participates on the next Pascal Mulot's album.
Record as a session drummer for Balrog (a 2 days session) and Korum (3 days session).
He's now teaching at Music Academy International and collaborates with Batterie Magazine with instructional videos.
Has recorded the new Misanthrope album in the famous Davout Studios in Paris in January 2007.
Has played with Sickbag as a session drummer for a few gigs in Paris and Czechoslovakia.
Joined recently Octavion (Electro Metal) for gigs and also preparing the first album.
Actually preparing the next Argile album.