Sead Lipovača


1976- Divlje Jagode - guitars, backing vocals  
1991-1993 Zele - guitars  

Guest musician

2006 Alogia - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Zele
Born on: 31.08.1955

Sead "Zele" Lipovača (born in 1955, in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina), is the lead guitarist and founder of the popular former Yugoslav hard rock band Divlje Jagode.

Prior to the forming of Divlje Jagode in 1977 he had been a member of Biseri, Selekcija and Zenit. Lipovača, alongside Marina Tucaković became spiritus movens of the disco band Mirzino Jato following the release of their first album in 1978. In 1980 the work of Divlje Jagode continues with a new lineup, one of the new members were bassist Alen Islamović, the new album marked the shift towards heavy metal.