Fabio Laguna


2002- Hangar - keyboards  

Studio musician

2001 Hangar - keyboards  

Live musician

2001-NA Angra - keyboards  

Guest musician

2012 Soulspell - keyboards  

Personal information

Born in Mococa, a small city from São Paulo state in Brazil, Fábio began playing simple keyboards from an early age. Along with his older brother André, both had keyboard classes, which Fabio dropped early. As a teenager, he began rehearsing with in his first rock band and having his first small concerts. After that he played in a small professional night band and for 4 years he toured the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais in a Kombi.

After a tough decision of studying law, along with the college he played in other small rock bands, arranged and produced his firts records and worked as a freelancer in several other bands too only for money. In 1999 Fábio started playing with heavy metal bands, and he recorded his first solo album, All Night Party at Gallamauaka's Land, which he used as a curriculum vitae for his 8 years of music by the time he was finishing college. Record company Mega Hard contacted Hangar and Fábio recorded the Inside Your Soul album.

By 2001, the famous Brazilian band Angra had been split and reformed with Hangar's drummer Aquiles Priester. Aquiles asked Fábio to join them for the Rebirth tour. Of course he accepted, dropping all other professional commitments in order to become "a heavy-metal keybordist in the land of samba". He played a 100 concerts in 17 countries in this tour. In 2001 he also released All Night Party at Gallamauaka's Land.

2003 had Fábio touring Brazil with Hangar, which he had become a full member the year before. He also recorded keybords for the debut album of Thalion, Another Sun. His second solo album was called Freakeys, having Angra's and Hangar's members playing progressive metal, and was released in 2006.