Niko Hurme


2002-2005 Lordi - bass (as Kalma)  

Personal information

Also known as: Kalma
Born on: 10.11.1974

Niko Hurme (Karkkila, 10 November 1974), whose stage name is Kalma (Finnish, poetic version of word death) was the bass player for the Finnish hard rock band Lordi between 2002 and 2005. He played on the albums The Monsterican Dream and The Arockalypse but was replaced by current bassist OX after his departure from the band for personal reasons. Kalma is known as a so-called "motorbike zombie".

Kalma has writing credits for only one Lordi song: 'Kalmageddon', which he co-wrote with Mr. Lordi. The song is the final track on The Monsterican Dream.

Kalma played all bass guitars and performed some backing vocals on The Arockalypse but was not featured on the cover of the album since he left the band before its release. His replacement, OX, is instead featured. Inversely, Kalma appears on the cover of Lordi's debut album, Get Heavy, even though he didn't play a note on the record, where all bass was recorded by his predecessor, Magnum.

Before the release of Lordi's 4th studio album Deadache, Kalma was the only bass player to be featured on a Lordi album that he had played on, now OX has done the same with the 4th album.

Kalma has played some role in the first three albums of Lordi.

Since Kalma left the band he has made two surprise guest appearances by joining the current line-up of Lordi on stage at Nosturi and The Forum in 2006 during the last few encores.