Brad Roberts


1989- Gwar - drums (as Jizmak Da Gusha)  

Personal information

Also known as: Jizmak Da Gusha
Born on: 06.11.1967

JiZMak Da Gusha is a character and drummer in the rock band GWAR. Although the costume has undergone many changes since the character was introduced, JiZMak's onstage get-up somewhat resembles a monsterous dog with very large teeth. He is usually seen wielding a large warhammer, most likely a reference to his role as drummer in the band.

When GWAR was first formed, their drummer was a character named Hans Orifice. Hans was originally played by Sean Sumner but was replaced after a few shows by Jim Thompson. By the time GWAR's first album Hell-O was released, the character of Hans Orifice had been replaced by Nippleus Erectus, played by Rob Mosby. However, following the album's release, Mosby left the band and Pete Luchter served as GWAR's drummer under the alias Lee Beato. Luchter had to leave the band after only a few gigs due to a nervous breakdown. Shortly afterwards, Brad Roberts joined the band as drummer and created the character Jizmak Da Gusha. Roberts played drums on Scumdogs of the Universe even though a misprint in the pressing accredited Mosby. Roberts also played drums for GWAR spinoff bands RAWG, X-Cops and The Dave Brockie Experience. Roberts played drums for two X-Cops songs, "Beat You Down" and "Junkie," replacing Mike Dunn. He is also featured as a vocalist on the song "Barbells" on the album "You Have The Right To Remain Silent...", though he is not the album's drummer.