Ville Friman


1997-2008 Insomnium - guitars  
2004- Enter My Silence - bass  
2009- Insomnium - guitars, vocals  

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Born on: 30.04.1980
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"I was born 30.04.1980 in Kristiinankaupunki (west coast of Finland). When I was age of four me and my family moved to the city of Joensuu (eastern Finland) where I spent my youth. In college I met my band mates and you can read the rest of this detailed event from our biography. I got into metal music when I was in elementary school mainly through our drummer Markus's influence. Metallica and Sepultura were the first bands that hit me hard. After them I found melodic Swedish death metal: In Flames - Subterranean, Amorphis - Tales From the Thousand lakes, At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul and Dark Tranquillity - Gallery. Music that these bands created was something magical and unique. From these bands I got the spark to learn to compose music myself.

I started to play guitar at the age of 16. I've never taken any lessons and that can be heard from my playing in both good and bad. I personally see myself as more of a songwriter than "technical player". There's nothing more ear-pleasing than harsh and accurate riffing, beautiful melodies combined to inventive harmonies and soothing acoustic passages = unbelievable songs! I consider music as an expression of utter passion and hopefully I am able to deliver this to songs I create. That's at least my uppermost ambition. So basically most of my free time is spent with my computer and guitar exploring the fascinating aspects of music. Music gives solace to my life and I feel succeeded if I'm able to transmit this beyond myself to the ears of listeners.

Besides Insomnium I play guitar in Joensuu based dark/thrash/black-metal outfit Arrival and bass in Jyväskylä based melodeath-act Enter My Silence. We have made one album with Arrival titled "An Abstract of Inertia" and it was released in the spring 2002 through Edgerunner records. Check it out if above described style interests you! We are currently rehearsing songs for the second full length album and hopefully we're able to enter studio during this year. New songs we have already written sounds very good! We have also completed almost all the songs for the Enter My Silences second full length.

Nowadays I live in Jyväskylä (central of Finland) and study biology and geography at the local university. My main subject is ecology and my special interest lie in the field of evolution. I've just started doing my thesis in which I study microbial prey-predator interactions. This is very fascinating area of research (at least in my opinion…) because you can actually see the evolution directly in front of your eyes since the one microbial generation lasts about 20 minutes. After a month microbial species have gone through about 3000 generations. For example with humans this would take about 50 000 years. Besides being good studying place Jyväskylä has one of the best metal scenes (Swallow the Sun, Funeris Nocturnum, Alghazanth, Enter My Silence for example…) and indoor gig place in Finland: Lutakko. To keep it short Jyväskylä simply rocks! Everything I've revealed in here is just small part of me. Hopefully we get chance to get known better in gigs. Metal on!"