Anders Jacobsson


1994- Draconian - vocals  

Guest musician

2013 Grimfaith - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 12.04.1975

Anders Jacobsson, responsible for writing the lyrics and vocals for Draconian, was born on April 12, 1975. He currently lives in Saffle (Sweden).

His goal as a band member is to grow artistically and individually, while his philosophy of life is: "longs more to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven - John Milton".
Anders believes that death is just a new start. It is also the release of physical slavery. He regrets spending much money and not to practicing much magic these days and expect not to get worthless things in life not to die like a loser.
Finds inspiration in the music of Wagner, Debussy, Elend, in the past, dreams, fantasy, night, essence of darkness, love, purity, the lama, life, death and the afterlife.
Interested in movies, poetry, friends, spirituality, the occult and the food which delights him if spicy and with meat. He's fascinated by The Mexican, Italian and Lebanese food, and also red wine, whiskey, absinthe, soda, herbs tea and lemon juice.
Some of his favorite movies are Manhattan, Casino & Snow Falling on Cedars, also likes books like A Man of Honor, Bound by Honor and Poems and Prophecies.
Likes vocalists like Kari Rueslåten , Tony Martin, Steven Wilson and his favorite animals are cats (Siamese, Turkish, Angora,Sphinx) and dogs (borzoi and saluki).
Likes Prague and Sicily, the color black, purple and scarlet and if he might have lived in another time, his choose would be the romantic era of the early 1800's.