Martin Steene


1995- Iron Fire - vocals  
2002- Force Of Evil - vocals  
2005- Nightlight - vocals  
2018- Saturnus - guitars  

Live musician

2009- Saturnus - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 09.01.1980
Official website

I started playing piano at age 15, but soon after it became too boring. It was the guitar that came to take up all of my attention. After learning my first couple of chords, I started writing my own songs, and soon I was playing in my first band Dinosaur Terminators, later changed the name to Misery. Found some new band mates, and formed Decades of Darkness, where we played a mix of doom and death metal. It was here I started singing.
The style of music was soon changed, to more melodic and classical metal; the new name of the band was Iron Fire.
I managed to get my first record contract on Noise Records at the age of 18. Recorded two albums with Iron Fire - 'Thunderstorm' in 2000, and 'On the Edge' in 2001. I'm still playing in Iron Fire with a new line-up trying to find a new record label to have my music released.
One cold and depressive winter day last year, 2002, I finally got the break, The phone was ringing and when I answered it I heard a voice saying: "Hey Martin, this is Hank Shermann from Mercyful Fate, I was wondering if you would like to join my new band along with Michael Denner, Hal Patino and Bjarne Holm". I was totally amazed, now I had the opportunity to play with some of my favourite Danish metal musicians. Being a Mercyful Fate fan for years made that moment almost like a dream come true. I immediately answered: "Fuck yeah I'm on!" and when I asked if they had found a name for the band, Mr. Shermann answered: "Force Of Evil." And the rest will hopefully be metal history.

Name: Martin Steene

Date Of birth: January 9th

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Blue

Height: 184cm

Zodiac: Capricorn

Ressidence: Tårnby

Instrument: Vox

Favourite records: Helloween "Keeper... part 1&2".

Inspiration: Jon Bon Jovi, Rob Halford, Geoff Tate, David Coverdale, Dio.

Other/Former Bands: Nightlight, Force of Evil and Switchblade.

Main Influences: Life

Favourite musician: Jon Bon Jovi

Favourite Food: Hotdogs

Favourite Drink: Beer

Favourite Movie: The shining

Favourite Actor/Actress: Don Johnson

Favourite Book: The book of Heavy Metal

Hobbies: Horror movies

Sports: Only in bed…

Religion: Hate that shit

Favourite TV: Twin Peaks

What I prefer to do, when I think nobody is watching: Nothing and for a long time.

What I am actually caught doing when I think nobody is watching….? Singing along to Savage Garden songs, out of pitch, naked and drunk.

Favourite IronFire Song: Blade of Triumph

Favourite Gig: To drunk to remember.

What I Don't Like: Boring every day work.

Life philosophy: Fake it till you make it.

A word for the fans: Stay Metal, cause I will see you on tour