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John Two-Hawks

Guest musician

2004-2005 Nightwish - vocals, flutes  

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John Two-Hawks, a preeminent master of the American Indian flute and world renowned Indigenous musician, is an Oglala Lakota man who carries on the ancient spiritual traditions of his people through ceremony, teaching and song. His family roots are in the Great Plains and the sacred Black Hills. John now resides in a quiet, secluded home in the ancient Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. His powerful, enchanting music and wisdom teachings are loved by people around the world. A master of many instruments, Two-Hawks is especially esteemed for captivating audiences with his haunting cedar flutes and amazing voice.

He has appeared in movies and is an award winning live theater performer. John is an internationally acclaimed recording artist who has released 12 incredible CDs. He has written and published a book of wisdom and teaching entitled 'Good Medicine', and is also a veteran artist in many genres. He has traveled the world sharing his cultural, character building teachings which are rooted in the wisdom of American Indian tradition. John Two-Hawks is a gentle, spiritual soul whose vision is for the mending of the sacred hoop of humanity and the healing of the wounds we have inflicted upon Mother Earth.