Emily Alice Ovenden


2007-2015 Pythia - vocals  

Guest musician

2012-2017 DragonForce - backing vocals  

Personal information


My name is Emily Alice Ovenden and I am a singer, author and composer! I am lucky to work with some amazing projects, Mediaeval Baebes, Celtic Legend and Pythia. Pythia are about to release our debut album, Beneath The Veiled Embrace, it is my best work to date. I also had my first novel published at the end of last year and it is called The Ice Room.

I have an unhealthy appetite for Finnish Metal, Beer, M.R James, Grave Yards, Ginger Blokes and Beards. I hang out with my Dog, Mrs Miggins who is a lovely choc lab. I was born in Cornwall and am a country lass at heart. I hope you like my work.