Claudio Scarano


2006-2007 Symbolyc - vocals  
2009-NA Blood Ravens - vocals, guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 22.08.1979
Official website

Born in 1995 as a vocalist
I only played in many bands as a singer until
I took guitar lessons to complete my musical culture.
Then I was founder and vocalist / guitarist
of the Tree Of Pain in 2004 until 2006 when the band broke up.
They joined the Symbolyc in 2006 where I stayed for one year only
being part of the promo "Wingless"
Then I left the band to misunderstandings.
In 2007 I had a bad accident to his left wrist that kept me away from
guitar for several years, until I wanted to start playing again
not worrying about the wrist pain.
I kept playing trying to catch the technique lost (due to accident)
In mid 2010 I was 4 months in the lineup of Last Frontier
I left the band due to incompatibility with my personal tastes
in music.
In parallel with these last two events I worked on riffs and songs for another band
who was then only in my mind the Blood Ravens.
I tried for a long time elements that could give life to these songs
until the middle of 2010 where the Blood Ravens have taken form.
Currently I am the founder vocalist / guitarist of the Blood Ravens
where I'm concentrating all my efforts.
In the first project of my life I sang originally in clean, I later learned independently
technique that I used to scream "Wingless"
I later learned the technique of growl
current used to scream along
in late 2011 with the Blood Ravens, we recorded our first EP

which will be launched in early 2012

stay tuned!