Cesare Bogazzi


2006- Number H - voice  

Personal information

Born on: 27.07.1980
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Cesare Bogazzi was born on July 27, 1980. In the late '90s forms his first band, which will unfortunately short lived. In the 1999 form with his friend Daniele a band called Vanishing Floor which soon Andrea Murgia was joined. In the 2005 after a brilliant work and a lot of gigs and demo tapes that band split.

After 1 year Andrea and Alessandro called Cesare for a new band, with Daniele Esu on the drums. It was born the Number H. Cesare makes the lyrics and the vocal melodies with Alessandro who makes the music. In the 2007 Cesare made an album with the number h and play for some gigs with them. In the 2009 recorded the second release called "Whisper in your ear", and Cesare wrote the lyrics and has treated the concept.

Cesare uses Shure mics.