Ron "Royce" Broder


1985-1994 Coroner - vocals, bass  
2010- Coroner - vocals, bass  

Personal information

Name: Ron Broder
Other Name: Royce
Date Of Birth: 29.01.1964
City/Country: Zurich / Switzerland
Education: Electrician

Current Job: Safety Engineer / Musician

Instrument: Bass / Vocals

Favorite Brands: Custom made 4-string Bass by M. Bruderer, EBS, Sennheiser

Pre-Coroner Musical Activities: Diamond, No Sanctuary

Post-Coroner Musical Activities: Swiss Blues Authority, Scream 4, different projects

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 80's: Rush, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Iron Maiden

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands 90's: Rush, Ozric Tentacles, Beastie Boys

Fave Music/ Musicians/ Bands Current: Rush, Hank Williams lll, Trombone Shorty

Fave Food: Italian

Fave Movie: "The Good The Bad And The Ugly"

Likes: The silence, the nature

Dislikes: Lies

Top 3 Favorite Coroner Tunes: Tunnel of Pain, Paralyzed Mesmerized, Grin

Favorite Coroner Album: Grin

Never Again: Being careless

Glad It Happened: Being true to myself