Fabian Gustavsson


2005-2011 Andromeda - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 13.10.1979

Fabian was born and raised in October 1979 in a small village called Jämshög in the southern of Sweden. Although he didn´t play an instrument, music as always an intricate part of his life since an early age. He kept on listening to jazz musician Jojje Wadenius children albums all day long.

When it came time to choose an instrument the choice fell on the trumpet, which he kept on with for five years. As he became a teenager he decided to try out the guitar and soon found himself taking lessons from his older brother. But when there was an opening in his brothers rock/blues band for a bass player, Fabian finally found his way home to his four stringed friend.

After going to a music high school in Malmö he decided to study to become a computer engineer. But after one and a half years of studies in the university town of Lund realized that he spent most of his time playing in various bands. Uncertain of where to go Fabian worked as a gymnastics teacher for half a year before he settled on the idea to study music again. Off to Kronoberg music folk high school where Fabian for two years evolved his skills as a bassplayer, mostly playing jazz and funk.

Taking the natural step, Fabian then applied and got accepted at the Malmö music academy. There he met both Martin and David and auditioned for Andromeda in the early summer of 2003. The personal chemistry clicked for the start and Fabian was impressed by their complex music and strong songs.

Never playing progmetal before, Fabian looks at it as a challenge to see if he might be the last piece in the Andromeda puzzle and hope to develop himself as well as the band to new heights.

During his life he has listened and been inspired by many diverse styles such as grunge, funk, jazz, fusion and acidjazz. Favourite bands to be found in his cd collection is Alice in Chains, Incubus, Soundgarden, Pat Matheny Group and Weather Report. And his four string heroes are Leonard Flea, Lars Danielson, Meshell Ndegacello.