Mike Sifringer


1983- Destruction - guitars  

Guest musician

2007 Fear My Thoughts - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 11.05.1965

Mike: Guitar
Born on the 11th May 1965
Height: 170cm
Weight: 53kg (less after a tour)

How long have you been playing your instrument?: Since i was 17 years old, since 1982.
Used Equipment: Gipson Flying-V, build in 1970 (a V1) and a V2 Limited Edition from 1980. Engel Amp Savage 120W, Speakers whatever i can get, in addition a Noisegate and Wah-wah.
Listening Metal since: Started in 1979 with Status Quo and then switched to tougher music.
Best concert(s) of your career?: Lissabon/Portugal 1989, the recent tour was good too, Salzburg for example. Chile was also great. Actually i like all concerts, unless i don't play total bullshit.
Favorite band: I change often, i'm a former Metallica fan but not anymore of course, old classics like Thin Lizzy, Michael Schenker, Deep Purple......and from the new bands, Transport League, Galatic Cowboys and Gurd.
Musical influence: Michael Schenker, the guys from Deep Purple and Thin lizzy and all musicians who put a lot of effort into their music. It just has to be powerfull, don't has to be musically perfect.
Is there any kind of music you don't like at all?: Commercial Techno-Dancefloor Shit, German Folk straight from TV, German popsongs, nothing else actually, i like to listen to everything once in a while.
Favorite movie: "Jacob's Ladder" comes to my mind, otherwise its hard to tell because i read more books.
Favorite food: Sushi and everything with beans, Chili-a-like and stuff.
Favorite drinks: Wine, sometimes a beer, Mochito-Caipirinha, i like tea too.
Favorite country: Spain, Czech Republic and general Southamerica, i like it down there.
Prefered female: Pretty, nice and smart.
What do you hate the most?: Stupid people who talk to much.
Your tip to other / young bands: Try to use your own ideas, don't just copy old stuff but learn from it and be inspired. Mostly its not that easy as you think so grind your teeth together and work hard.
Your worst habit: I smoke to much dope.
What are you unbeatable in?: In smoking dope.
What is the biggest lie of mankind?: God loves you.
Why is H.M. "Your" music?: Because its that intense, you try as best as you can and give all you have. The aggression gives me satisfaction.
Biggest wish: Be rich and healthy.
Do you got idols?: Not really, some writers maybe like Stanislav Lem, but i don't see them as idols. I don't need idols.
Youre slogan for live: Always have fun!

(Source: www.destruction.de/index.php?s_id=4〈=en)