Taneli Jarva


1991-1996 Sentenced - bass, vocals  
1992-1996 Impaled Nazarene - bass  
1998-2014 The Black League - vocals  
2003- Chaosbreed - vocals, bass  

Personal information

Born on: 04.01.1975

Taneli Jarva is a Finnish musician. Currently, he is the vocalist for The Black League, which he formed in 1998. He is best known as vocalist/bassist in Sentenced, which he left in 1995 because he didn't like the melodic direction the band were heading into, and therefore decided to move on to other projects. On Sentenced's last live gig in 2005 in Oulu, he joined them a last time to sing the songs he recorded with them. He never lost contact with the band, since the band's late guitarist Miika Tenkula was his second cousin; however, he declared that he wouldn't have come back to Sentenced under any circumstance. He was also the bassist for Impaled Nazarene (1992-1996) and vocalist in the old school death metal band Chaosbreed (2003-2005). He is a tattoo artist at One Eye Tattoo in Helsinki.