NA- Strand/Strand/Ørnes Andersen Trio - na  
NA- Minutes Of Death and Back - na  
NA Jønnet - na  
2005-2009 Ørkenkjøtt - drums  
2007-2013 Leprous - drums  
Studio musician:
2010 Star Of Ash - drums  
2012- Ihsahn - drums  
Live musician:
2010- Ihsahn - drums  
2013- Shining (NOR) - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 05.07.1990

Equipment: Sonor drums

Favorite Leprous song: Thorn (new song), from TPS - Phantom Pain

Biggest musical inspiration: 60s Miles Davis, Motorpsycho, Jojo Mayer, Stian Westerhus

Biggest inspiration in my life: People, music, learning