Sorin Stoian


1995- Warganism - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 03.11.1978
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Full name: Sorin Stoian
D.O.B: 03.11.1978
Marital status: Single
First 10 favorite bands of all time: Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Mozart, Verdi, Metallica, The Kovenant, Deathstars, Armin Van Buuren
Favorite album of all time: Dark Side of the Moon
Favorite book of all time: Master and Margaret
Most respected public figure: Nicolae Iorga
Most respected musician: Steve Vai
Favorite television program: Seinfeld
Favorite film: A Clockwork Orange
Favorite kind of film: Drama
Favorite actor: Gregory Peck
Favorite food: Fruits
Favorite hobbies/ways to pass the time: Driving
Areas of interest: Literature, Philosophy
What's your dream car? Aston Martin
What's your Poison? Any kind of booze
If you could, what place on Earth would you visit (why)? The Caribbeans
If you could work with any artist (any era), who would it be? Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Anything that you feel you have yet to achieve? Wealth
Biggest fear in life? Fear of God
Favorite Quote: "The universe and the human stupidity are infinite. I'm not so sure about the first." A. Einstein