Jim Sclavunos


1978 The Gynecologists - drums  
1978 Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - drums  
1978 Beirut Slump - drums  
1979 8 Eyed Spy - drums  
1980 Devil Dogs - drums  
1982 In Limbo - drums  
1982-1983 Sonic Youth - drums  
1983 Panther Burns - drums  
1983-1986 Trigger & the Thrill Kings - drums  
1990-1998 Congo Norvell - drums  
1991 The Cramps - drums  
1991 Shotgun Wedding - drums  
1994- Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - percussion, drums, organ, melodica, vocals  
1999-2000 The Gunga Din - drums  
2000- The Vanity Set - lead vocals  
2006-2011 Grinderman - drums, percussion, backing vocals  

Personal information

Jim Sclavunos is an American rock music drummer, percussionist and producer.

Sclavunos, a half-Greek and half-Italian from Brooklyn, New York, is well-known for his exceptional height at 6'7". Sclavunos has performed with Sonic Youth, Tav Falco's Panther Burns, Lydia Lunch and was a member of 8 Eyed Spy, The Cramps, and Alice Texas. Sclavunos, who was memorably described in the pages of The Wire as an "infamous elegant degenerate," has been a key player in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds since 1994. During that time, Jim also formed his own musical ensemble, The Vanity Set.

Sclavunos has long been a prime mover in the New York City's vibrant underground music scene, helping to kick-start the vital No Wave movement (in Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and 8 Eyed Spy), before playing with Sonic Youth and The Cramps. He is currently performing with his own band The Vanity Set, while still performing with Nick Cave in both The Bad Seeds and Grinderman.