Hans Nilsson


1993-1996 Crystal Age - drums  
1996- Dimension Zero - drums  
2001-2003 The Great Deceiver - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 22.12.1972

Hans "Hasse" Nilsson is the current drummer for the band Dimension Zero.
His experience within the Swedish metal scene goes back 17 years, and has included many of its luminaries; Liers in Wait, with Kristian Wåhlin; Luciferion, an early band of Dark Tranquillity's Michael Nicklasson and Crystal Age, consisting of Oscar Dronjak (HammerFall, ex-Ceremonial Oath) and Fredrik Larsson (ex-HammerFall).
Dimension Zero features current In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad, also formerly of Ceremonial Oath and HammerFall.
Nilsson's style generally sways within the "blastbeat/double bass" tempo that is typical of death metal. However, one exception can be seen in Diabolique, which takes strong influence from gothic metal.
Nilsson started as a guitarist in his early days but switched to play the drums. He still plays guitar and wrote one of the songs on Dimension Zero's debut album Silent Night Fever. He also wrote a lot of the music in the band Crystal Age.