Mike Thorne


2012- Saga - drums  

Personal information

Drummer & founder of The Dayjob Orchestra, Michael Thorne is one of Toronto's busiest drummers. Well-versed in a wide variety of styles & disciplines, Michael's playing emphasizes the fact that drumming has come a long way from "simply keeping the beat". Michael's playing has been described as "Funk-a-licious,"Scary, & "Insane". .......... ..With experience comes quality...Michael Thorne has been involved with countless bands of every possible style & situation. Michael has been teaching for over six years with his no-stress method, and is at home in the studio... Performing live & in studio for over 15 years., Michael is well-versed in many styles...Pop, Funk, Country, Metal, Hip-hop, Be-bop, Progressive, Jazz, Punk, Latin, Cuban, Jungle and Reggae. His song list reads like a musical dictionary, and he provides backup vocals as well as being able to hold his own as a lead vocalist whilst keeping the backbeat. His energetic performance as well as his professionalism & easy-goingness make him a pleasure to work with.

In 2012 Mike was announced as Saga's new drummer, replacing Brian Doerner.