2010- Deathknock - vocals, rhythm guitar  

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Born on: 31.03.1986
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Farid Farzin, the Vocal , producer and rhythm guitarist of the band Deathknock,was born on 31th March 1986 in Shiraz-Iran. He went to classic guitar classes at the age of 8. He had been learning guitar for a while. Finally after a long time, he bought an electric guitar. He used to play electric guitar and sing in some local bands in Shiraz.

Some day he met Dariush and Koorosh Shafaghat who were also involved in Metal music. They decided to cover a song from Dimmu Borgir. meanwhile, They decided to make a band.It took some time to organize the band's projects. They finally named their band "Deathknock".

Deathknock had been working on a single called "The Endless Wars"during winter of 2011 which was released on 1st of January 2012.He had been learning the "Audio Editing and Mastering". The audio editing of "The Endless Wars" was done by him in Deathknock's studio "Farzin Studio".