Emil Nödtveidt


1989-1995 Ophthalamia - bass  
1993-2000 Swordmaster - guitars  
1995-1998 Ophthalamia - guitars  
2000- Deathstars - electronics, guitars (as Nightmare Industries)  

Live musician

1996 Sacramentum - guitars  
1997 Dissection - bass  

Personal information

Also known as: Nightmare Industries
Born on: 11.11.1976

Emil Nödtveidt, known by his pseudonym Nightmare Industries, is a Swedish musician and music producer. He is best known for his work in the industrial metal band Deathstars, in which he currently plays guitar and keyboards; prior to forming the band, he was a member of Ophthalamia and later Swordmaster, both black metal bands. His brother was Jon Nödtveidt, vocalist and guitarist of Dissection, who committed suicide in August 2006. Upon hearing the news of Jon's death, Emil wrote the song "Through The End," which appears on Deathstars' third album, Night Electric Night, released in January 2009.