Jukka Mikkonen


1997-2008 Negative - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Sir Christus
Born on: 16.05.1979

Sir Christus, born Jukka Kristian Mikkonen, May 16, 1979, was one of the two guitarists of the Finnish rock band Negative. Now he is in a new band called Black Jezus. His father was Arwo Mikkonen, guitarist of the legendary Finnish rock band Popeda. His father passed away in 1986, leaving 6-year old Christus and his 3-year old brother Matthau, ex-singer in Bloodpit, without a father figure in their life. He has a daughter named Camilla.

Christus played the bass-guitar in Bloodpit for two years before he joined Negative.

On Negative's latest single Fading yourself (March 14th 2007), Sir Christus did vocals for a bonustrack, Lost in America (Originally by Alice Cooper). Negative has never performed this song live. Christus claims this to be because he 1) can't sing while playing the guitar and 2) is bad at remembering any lyrics at all. Christus has performed this song live, first with the band Private Line, November 28th 2007. For the encore, Sammy didn't re-appear on stage, but Christus did and they performed Lost in America. Christus ended the song with kissing every guy on stage except for Eliaz who was stuck behind his drums. Later he also performed this song with his band Black Jezus.

He is known for dressing up in mainly pink, female-looking clothes, or wearing nothing but a buff as a skirt (which happened during a concert in Moscow, October 21st 2006. He was "normally dressed" for the gig and then he changed to the buff for the encore.). He is prone to wear black leather a lot lately, and red clothes. Asked whether red was his new favourite colour, he answered, '"This is just a phase."' (Interview September 15th 2007)

Shortly after Christus' leaving Negative, there were rumours that he would join his brother's project on bass. It wasn't until late that Matthau himself announced his line up that the rumours were confirmed, but Christus plays the guitar still, and not the bass. He was thought to be only a part of the live shows, like the rest of the line up, but it seems now that Matthau and the guys are becoming a compact band as well.

Christus left this project after three months and the band will not replace him.

In March/early April there were shootings of a music video for the song "Too Fortunate to Cry", in which it is only confirmed that Matthau and Christus appear - wearing night gowns.