Zak Tell


1990-2013 Clawfinger - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 16.11.1970

Zak Nikolas Tell (born 16 November 1970) is a Swedish musician and the lead vocalist of the rap metal band Clawfinger.
Tell was born in Stockholm, Sweden. From an early age, Tell and his family later moved to Bristol in England for several years (where he learned the English language) before relocating back into Sweden in 1982. Tell formed Clawfinger in The Rosegrove Mental Institute (which had later been an influence on the song 'Rosegrove' which appeared on the first album) after he met guitarist Bård Torstensen, who had been listening to Tell's ability to rap throughout the hospital corridors and the two later became friends after they realized they had a similar interest in music. The group was later joined by Jocke Skog (keyboardist) and Erlend Ottem (guitarist) which later led to the group making a demo for a radio show and later winning a record contract.