Ashe Austin O'Hara Goodings


2010- Voices From The Fuselage - vocals  
2012-2014 TesseracT - vocals (as Ashe O'Hara)  
2014- Ashe O'Hara - vocals  

Guest musician

2013 Akeldama - vocals (as Ashe O'Hara)  
2015 Dzyen - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Ashe O'Hara
Born on: 06.03.1990

Official Website

Ashe Austin O'Hara Goodings, from Northampton, currently lives in Hove studying BA Honours in Songwriting at BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music).

A contributing songwriter & lead vocalist of Voices From The Fuselage, which he formed in 2010 with fellow bandmates Josh Galloway (Guitar), Scott Lockhart (Drums & Sampling), Mitch Ramsay (Guitar) & Dale Gorham (Bass).

Ashe also joined in August 2012 as the new vocalist for TesseracT:
UK Progressive Metal band, TESSERACT, are excited to welcome Ashe O'Hara into the group as their new vocalist. Ashe's power, emotion, and diversity will help to continue the distinctive yet ever evolving TESSERACT sound. Hailing from Northampton originally, Ashe spent his early years singing in many different groups, from choirs to musical theatre, and has more recently worked on a number of ambient/alternative metal projects as well as session work.
Ashe currently resides in Hove, East Sussex and is eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of their new album (and Ashe's debut with the band) 'Altered State'.
"The main theme of the album is change, the titles of the movements are such to inspire thoughts about the subject of change. Change on the very small, and microscopic or everyday scale of humanity - relationships and immediate concerns. As well as change on the infinite, macroscopic scale of the universe and eternity.
"Of Matter" is about a physical change that is obvious and tangible, like the change of a band member for example whereas "Of Mind" is about the internal change such as beliefs, and the struggles this can cause when pitched against other people who may not be willing or able to change. "Of Reality" is about the need to accept that things do and indeed have to change in order to survive, and "Of energy" is a muse of the inevitable destiny of everything we know; a slow burn away to nothing - Embers."

O'Hara is setting up his debut solo LP 'Broken Home' for release in September 2014, alongside Voices From The Fuselage's LP 'Odyssey'.