Neil Turbin


1983-1984 Anthrax - vocals  
2001- Deathriders - vocals  

Live musician

2014 Onslaught - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 24.12.1963

Neil Turbin is a vocalist best known for being the original lead singer for American band Anthrax [1](from September 1982 to August 1984).[2] Turbin's only recording with the band was on their debut album Fistful of Metal. Turbin wrote the lyrics to all songs on the album (besides the cover of Alice Cooper's I'm Eighteen).[3] He was fired from the band in 1984.

Turbin's later band, Deathriders, is named after one of Turbin's songs and was formed in 2003 to support Turbin's solo album "Threatcon Delta". Deathriders have been touring in Japan and the US in 2008 in support of their debut album Back With A Vengeance which is slated for release in 2009.